Ballymena Congregational Church


What We Believe

The historic statement of Congregational belief is the Savoy Declaration of Faith 1658.  This has been recently restated in a booklet entitled “Congregational & Evangelical” published by Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches UK.

Congregational churches are:

  • autonomous (independent)
  • self governing under the Headship of Christ 
  • not bound by any denominational creed.

It is imperative however that the Bible be acknowledged as the revealed Truth of God, inspired and inerrant and the only basis of our faith and practice.

We believe God’s Word is inspired and infallible truth…showing us the way of Salvation…helping us live as true Christians…providing relevant guidance for all the circumstances we may encounter in this life…pointing the way to life eternal.  The Bible alone is the basis of our faith and practice – it is the Christian’s manual for belief and behaviour – it is the church’s standard of doctrine, order and practice.

How To Contact Us

You can get in touch with the church by visiting us at the address shown in the map below, by using this form or by the contact information in the ‘Find Us!’ section at bottom of the page!