ACRE International: the adopted foreign mission of the church, ACRE work chiefly in Portugal and Brazil – annual subscriptions are made by individual members, supplemented by a donation from church funds

Congregational Home Mission: an annual gift is made to support missions, outreach and church planting work undertaken by our own Home Mission across Ireland

European Christian Mission: working throughout the countries of Europe, we support work in Germany and neighbouring East European lands

GS Nair: through the late pastor Billy Kennedy we have come to know and support GS Nair in his evangelistic work in the vast sub-continent of Indian, where our donations have helped fund orphanages and student training as well as supplying cattle to local village communities

Disabled Christian Fellowship: several members of the congregation regularly attend the monthly meetings of the Ballymena Group and some of our church members (Wilma Doak and James Scott) assist as leaders and helpers

Other Missions: a range of other missions are invited to visit and speak of their work in the course of any year, particularly at the mid-week meeting, which once every other month takes the form of a Missionary Evening – each visiting missionary has opportunity to present a report and is given a financial gift – Janice Darragh acts as Treasurer to this missionary support