SermonAudio Plugin Error: Bad ID Given. What do you expect when you come to church? What actually takes place when we meet on a Sunday? At Ballymena Congregational Church we place the Bible at the centre of our church service, so what we do in church is taken from it:

  • Worship

    – we join together in song throughout the service. This allows us to focus our hearts and minds towards God as a community. The Bible is full of Psalms and songs that allow God’s people to express a variety of emotions towards God.  We too then try to have a mixture of old and new hymns that remind us of God’s greatness.

  • Prayer

    – we pray as a community. We speak to God as we pray together. Because of Jesus we can come before God and speak to Him openly. Through our prayers we praise and thank God for His goodness, admit when we have made mistakes and ask Him to help us throughout our lives.

  • Teaching

    – We listen to the Bible being read and taught. We believe that the Bible is not any ordinary book but given to us specially by God through the special people that wrote it. When we read and understand it it helps us know God better and live lives that please Him.

  • Fellowship

    – In the Bible we are told that it’s good for Christians to meet together regularly. Why? Not only for singing and preaching but to have good fellowship. We don’t turn up and leave as quickly as we can. We take part in and serve an active community that encourages us in our Christian lives. We live as a team, not as individuals.

  • Who can come to church?

    Anyone who wants to! God’s plan is to have everyone hear from His Word. So whether you’re a devout Christian, not sure what you believe about God or simply dragged along by a friend or family member you are more than welcome to come along.